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5 Easy Ways to get Your E-commerce Website Ready for Black Friday

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Without a question, the holidays are the busiest time of year. Many businesses wer forced to adjust or cut expenses in recent months due to a variety of external circumstances. There is still time to prepare for the almighty festive season and boost sales. As more brick-and-mortar shops migrate online, the key to get your e-commerce website ready for Black Friday and the Christmas rush is to begin early. There are technical aspects of the preparations too and you need to hire experts if you are not comfortable doing it on your own.

We will be giving you a few tips on how to prepare your e-commerce store for the Black Friday sale.

Keep your website updated

Prepare for Black Friday by evaluating what is already working effectively for your e-commerce store. Consider the pages that are generating the most traffic and optimize for them in order to boost the performance of the pages that aren’t doing as well.

Evaluate data on a year-on-year basis to determine which pages or campaigns are the most effective. Evaluate the success of your previous holiday campaigns, such as those for Independence Day or Father’s Day. Consider the methods that performed well, the areas that can be improved, and apply all of that on this Black Friday sale.

Create a precise schedule for publishing promotional content and rolling out updates. A comprehensive plan enables your company to keep a regular promotional schedule and online presence. Here are a few suggestions to supercharge your promotions:

  • Updates to the website and designing the homepage for the event.
  • Use Banners & Images
  • Do Email Promotions
  • Product Updates through Social Media

Add new blog content

You’re almost certainly spending time and money into increasing traffic to your e-commerce website for the Black Friday surge and sales. A blog is one of the most successful free means to get your E-commerce website ready for Black Friday. By updating the blog section of your e-commerce site, you can significantly enhance the amount of content on your site. The more in-depth content you have on your website, more content will get ranked—and the more prospective clients will find their way to your website naturally. For optimal results, include Black Friday related keywords in your new blogs.

Check if you are ranking on Google

Ranking on Google is one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your ecommerce website. It can get you super-targeted clients but it is difficult since all of the e-commerce stores will copy that strategy. To stand out you need to focus on content that resonates with your audience and promote it properly. You can use all your social channels, e-mail list to put your content before the eyes of your audience. Getting people on your site early is a positive signal and it will force Google to position your site above your competitors.

While social media is great for pushing your site on the SERPs, it is not the only way. You can also try to get a few press releases, and mentions on popular websites to get traffic on your site.

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Run a test transaction

As money is involved in e-commerce stores, users should feel secure and be able to use the website easily, as nobody wants to hand over their credit card or bank information without first confirming its security. This is especially critical for occasions like Black Friday, which can see a massive traffic surge in a single day. As a result, ensuring the quality and security of the website is important. Extreme care should be taken with critical elements such as product pages, the accuracy of the system’s calculations, payment methods, site performance, and usability. Because even the tiniest error in occasions like these can cause huge damage both to your image and your revenues.

  • Commerce websites  must adhere to stringent quality controls, as they are quite comparable to other financially critical websites. Testing all of the website’s features will help you in ensuring that it is bug-free and also provides a superior user experience. Testing in e-commerce provides value to the users and gives them a reason to return to your store. Running several test transactions are necessary to know if everything is going all right.

Get all sales and promotions ready before Black Friday

If you are not actively building your contact lists at the moment, you are already behind. Many small to medium size stores, we’ve seen, wait until a week or two before Black Friday or Cyber Monday to plan for and build their lists. We strongly advise you to run campaigns throughout the year in order to acquire the maximum number of email addresses.

Additionally, social logins and viral marketing are effective methods of gathering email addresses. Consider these techniques to see which one is most effective in acquiring new users. We strongly advise you to use a marketing automation system to increase your organization’s productivity.

Essentially, your email list is your brand equity. Once you’ve obtained an email address, you may remarket to that client without having to pay for them again. While actions to increase your lists should be performed year-round, it is especially critical to plan prior to the holiday season.

There are many other things that you could do to drive sales on this Black Friday event. However, to get your E-commerce website ready for Black Friday, I highly reccomend you do all of the aforementioned tasks in advance to get the best results. Black Friday is a huge event for businesses all around the world. As customers are already hyped for great deals, they also fall under peer pressure and the rush of the deal. To be successful here, you just need to take care of your website and cash on this event. It is much easier than you think, contact us over at Fitzgerald Tech Solutions if you need any help!

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