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Easy Steps to set up a business website


It is very easy to set up a business website. In this era of technology online business has made a huge advancement, if you’re left behind the digitalization your business may grabble with so many firms and people doing online business. Creating a website is one great way of keeping up with the digital age spreading up to a global audience. There is no need to complain about the website being too expensive, ones you try it you will find out it is not that expensive. When creating your website you should know that any decent website should not cost you lots of money. Here are the steps needed to start up your website;

Register your Domain

You must have a web address in order to create a website, for your web address, or domain, you will have to pay for it. Don’t believe stories of a free domain name, these are usually something like instead of In order to get the one that best suits you, you have to buy the right web address. When you don’t have a domain name, your site appears not professional.

Registering with the dot-com address are much cheaper and is affordable for a startup, although some firms prefer registering using the dot-io domain name, we have people who believe that they are secure.

Choose Hosting for your business website

Having the proper web hosting and server access becomes very difficult for small business. Hosting your own website, you need to have your own server. With this digital world, there are so many firms who can host your website, but you have to pay a small fee. When you’re looking for a host you should do a good research not to go for the cheapest it might cost you a lot when it fails to deliver. Most foreign firms that deal with hosting offer low prices, even though people have complained so much about lack of security. Another problem with the foreign hosting firms is that at times their systems go down and it takes time to provide the needed support.

Planning your site

Despite whether you will plan a website yourself or turn it over to the experts, ensure you know precisely what you need to incorporate on the webpage. On the off chance that you don’t nail down these subtle elements at a beginning time, the odds are you will wind up with a consistently better end result. You ought to likewise have a good grasp on of what the pages will resemble, settling on shading plans, logos, and whether you will have e-commerce features.

Design the website

In the event that you have enough abilities and configuration experience to make your own particular website, it can spare you some expense. There are a lot of website composition bundles accessible, from custom code to further developed projects, for example, WordPress, which gives a “what you see is the thing that you get” (WYSIWYG) see – meaning you don’t need to manage HTML programming dialect unless you truly need to. The program you pick eventually relies upon your financial plan. Dreamweaver, for instance, costs a couple of hundred euros.   

A website has three very important factors

  • When you create your website it should be easy to read the information on it.
  • The website should have a clear navigation
  • The website should have a specific point of focus on selling a product or providing information to your customers.

There is another important thing to do when creating your website

  • You should make sure that the website is compatible with all the browser avoid using just one browser.
  • Keep your website easy and simple.
  • The contact information on your website should be clear.

When you want to design your website make sure you understand it well or look for an expert to design it for you. Make sure you do a good research to find a good web design firms that offer good services.

Online presence

The benefits of being online will definitely help your business or personality to grow. You should have a feedback option, where your clients can reach you for more information about the business or services. Online presence helps you to grow and improve where your competitors are doing better than you.

Fitzgerald Tech Solutions Services

Fitzgerald Tech Solutions is a company that can help you get that website online! We are now providing eco-friendly services, which is fast SSD based web hosting powered by renewable energy. We make sure you have all you need to make you started on the online. At FTS, we do our work professionally, working hard to respect time and give the result on time. The most important thing About FTS thouugh, is that we are not expensive making it very affordable to all people. Fitzgerald Tech Solutions is a very friendly company that can help you get your idea online quickly! 

Their web hosting services are of high quality, with the best prices and a chance to access amazing features. When you sign up with Fitzgerald you get personalized support and an amazing website.

E-commerce Options

When you are selling on the web, you should acknowledge credit card payments. There are two fundamental components important for this: a payments door and a web trader account.

While this may appear like a considerable measure of inconvenience to go to, there are several organizations that offer shipper managing account administrations and payments portals to firms offering on the web, without the problem and cost of setting up a committed trader account.

For instance, PayPal’s Website Payments Standard joins the payments portal with the web trader account. This will give you a protected server to acknowledge payments, regardless of whether clients are paying with credit card or PayPal. World Pay offers a comparative administration. You could likewise decide on blocks and-mortar money related organization give your web vendor account.


Now you can see, it is very easy to set up a business website and make sure your website is online. At Fitzgerald Tech Solutions, we can make sure your site looks and runs great!

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