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How to find Website Statistics in cPanel

If you own one or more websites, it is vitally important to know how many people are visiting your site and where these visitors originate from. Analyzing website statistics should become a regular habit for every webmaster who wishes to improve website traffic over time. You’ll be able to test and track the popularity of your updated site content and even see how visitors find your site in the search engines. The best part is, the best data is already tracked by default! In this article, I will discuss how to find web statistics in cPanel, a popular web hosting control system.

There are many web statistics programs on the market, each one unique in price and features, but did you know that some of the best website statistic programs already come free with most web hosting plans? It is very easy to find your website statistics in cPanel

If you have a hosting account for your website that includes cPanel, then you probably have a whole bunch of web statistic programs built in. CPanel is by far the most popular control panel for web hosting accounts today. It is extremely easy to learn and use for regular website administration.

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Different Statistics Software

There are usually 3 different types of statistics you will find inside cPanel. These are known as Analog, Webalizer and Awstats.

Webalizer is a statistic program that shows you in a graph form how many visitors have visited your site month by month. This type of statistics is very basic and only takes a quick glance to receive your web site information. If you want more detailed information you will probably need to check out the other two statistic programs.

Analog and Awstats each offer different presentation styles. All the essential visitor information you probably wish to see is listed on Analog, but most people have difficulty finding it as it is primarily text based and requires close attention.

Awstats on the other hand, is usually the favorite web site statistic program on cpanel. Not only does it give you plenty of visitor information, from number of hits per day and month, it also tells you where they originate from, how long visitors stayed at your site, the country from which they are viewing your site, what browser they are using and much more. Basic colored graphs and simple to read layout make it a quick and easy task to find the information that you are looking for.

How to find Statistics Software

It is very easy to get to these programs in the cPanel interface. Once logged into your hosting account, you can search for AWStats, or statistics, or Webalizer within the search function. It is also found within the reporting section on the main menu. Once you click the button to get into the program, you will be presented with a list of all of your domain names with the SSL traffic seperated. Click on the entry you want to view, and you will be able to see the statistics. It is very wasy to find web statistics in cPanel and get a lot of useful information!

So if you have a website and would like to know more about your visitors, check out your cpanel statistic programs inside your website hosting account. It is very easy to find website statistics in cPanel, and they can be extremely helpful in analyzing your site and drawing more traffic to it.

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