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How to leverage your website to take advantage of the Black Friday Madness

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The evenings are growing shorter, and summer has passed us by, which can only mean one thing: the holiday shopping season is here. Black Friday Madness ensues. Businesses all over the globe will be participating in one of the most significant occasions in the retail calendar – Black Friday – to kick-start this Christmas season in style. We’ve put up the definitive e-commerce Black Friday guide to help you sell more during this period.

As a small company owner, participating in Black Friday may be intimidating, especially when some of the larger stores are giving significant discounts. You might be wondering how you’ll ever compete with such deep discounts when they’re just not viable for your company.

You should not, however, allow this dissuade you from participating in the event. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways for small businesses to increase earnings during the busiest season of the year; all you have to do is be prepared.

Black Friday is a popular shopping day that began in the 1980s in the United States. It occurs the day following Thanksgiving and is the first of two major sales events (the second being Cyber Monday). Retailers all over the world seek to provide the greatest discounts in the hopes that customers would start the holiday season in a strong financial position.

Now that you’ve learned what Black Friday is, it’s time to put our best recommendations to work for you this holiday season. We’ll assist you in developing your plan while highlighting crucial points to consider to guarantee that you’re well-prepared and ready for success.

Here are some of the best Black Friday recommendations to take advantage of the Black Friday Madness for your e-commerce website:

Set up sponsored advertisements.

While social networking is a fantastic free tool for generating visitors to your site, sponsored advertisements cannot be overlooked. Because of the algorithms on social media platforms, getting reach on your posts is incredibly tough, so unless you go viral as Amazon did with the kitten post, your efforts will be ineffective.

As a result, setting up a series of advertising on the social networks where you receive the most engagement is one of the greatest ways to reach your target demographic.

Plan ahead of time for remarketing efforts

Creating re-marketing audiences for your preferred ad platforms, such as Facebook, is one method to do this. The concept is that you would re-market to people who have already visited your website. Perhaps they looked at your items but didn’t feel compelled to buy.

You’ll display them an ad for your Black Friday deal later on, with the updated sale price of your items or the discount code you’re giving. It’s simply a method of salvaging abandoned carts by luring back former clients that you weren’t able to convert.

A Facebook Business Manager account is required to start up a re-marketing campaign on Facebook. The next step is to build a Facebook Pixel and integrate it into your business. The next step is to establish a custom audience for ‘website traffic,’ say during the previous 30 or 60 days. Create an ad campaign with specifics of the Black Friday deals or promotions for that audience, select your budget, the time range for which the advertisements will be shown, and then submit the modifications.

Make use of the up-selling technique

Retailers may take advantage of Black Friday to upsell and cross-sell items, boosting the average basket value per consumer. Consider the fast-food chain McDonalds if you’re unfamiliar with either word. When the cashier asks whether you would like fries with that burger or not, he/she is up-selling and is one of the most well-known examples of up-selling.

This technique is effective for high-ticket items with appropriate “add-ons” that provide value. You could purchase a McDonald’s burger on its own, but you could also have some delicious fries to go with it for a little more.

This principle can be used to e-commerce, but you won’t have a cashier or sales assistant to ask about the add-ons before you make your buy. As a result, if you don’t have comparable items set up in your shop, you’ll be missing out on an opportunity to boost sales and earnings.

Consider offering a discount on certain of your “big-ticket” goods that come with appropriate add-ons and accessories. The price will be enough to lure your consumers, but after they’ve arrived at the product page, use the’related goods’ feature to show them other things that go with it. They’ll be enticed to buy the necessary accessories with you because they’ve already saved money on the initial product.

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Organize Giveaways

Giveaways are comparable to presents in exchange for reposts. Nonetheless, their mechanics are frequently more complex. Black Friday giveaways are an excellent strategy to increase brand loyalty. The business must invest a little amount of money on an enticing reward, while customers participate in the contest and expect to win.

Companies frequently collaborate with other brands in order to reach new consumers and increase exposure. Depending on the nature of the products, age limitations apply. Additionally, it is critical to consider time zones and to explicitly define deadlines, entry criteria, and the method through which the reward will be delivered to the winner. However, most significantly, produce stunning photos that will help bring attention to your offer.

Black Friday Madness, literally: Provide freebies

Freebies are almost the polar opposite of up-selling. It’s another way of adding value to your consumers, but this time you’re giving the add-on away for free.

If you use this technique, keep your regular product cost but include a freebie to make the transaction more appealing. It’s not quite the same as larger stores providing 30% off, but it’s a great incentive that may help firms on a tight budget improve conversions.

If you offer beauty items, for example, give your customers a complimentary cosmetic bag if they spend more than $X or buy a specific item.

Offer Promotion of Your Black Friday Deals

You may build excitement for your Black Friday sales by providing a sneak peek at what you’ll be discounting. One of the most effective methods to do so is to produce a video highlighting the goods that will be on sale during Black Friday. The movie does not have to be sophisticated; it may just be a slideshow, and it does not even have to have audio, although you could use royalty-free music.

This promotion will attract customers prior to Black Friday, and they may spread the word about the bargains you’re giving. At the very least, they’ll add your bargains to their list of items to purchase on Black Friday.

In this article, I have showed you how you can take advantage of the Black Friday madness on multiple fronts and hopefully you can leverage your online presence to drive sales and make this holiday season a success! Contact us today to learn how we can help you poise your website for success!

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