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At Fitzgerald Tech Solutions, we want to do our part to help keep this planet green through the way we run our business and host our websites.

Fitzgerald Tech Solutions prides itself on being a renewable energy host. This means that websites hosted through Fitzgerald Tech Solutions do not leave a carbon footprint in the atmosphere. We harness the power of the wind to run our data center.
The internet, while thought of as something intangible, is made up of many data centers across the world. FTS’ competitors’ data centers use coal, natural gas, or oil as their main source of power. As you know, these are incredibly limited, prehistoric, and dirty forms of energy that release harmful carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere causing climate change. As a matter of fact, by 2020, the web hosting industry is expected to overtake the airline industry in total carbon footprint. Websites are always online, which means that the computer needed to run the websites is always on as well. This means that the server is putting carbon emissions into the air 24 hours 7 days a week. By using renewable wind energy, we are not using the energy sources that harm the atmosphere and reduce the amount of carbon emissions the web hosting industry produces.

We use wind energy to power our data center and we are happy that we are doing our part to save the environment. From the seemingly endless fields of corn and soybeans in downstate Illinois and Indiana, lie massive wind turbines that are able to generate a massive amount of power from even the slightest breeze. By using wind power, we are harnessing an untouched renewable resource– the atmosphere.

illustration of a datacenter row.

At Fitzgerald Tech Solutions,

At Fitzgerald Tech Solutions, we are doing our part to keep the environment green and clean for future generations. By doing our small part, we hope to inspire others to follow suit and make the change to renewable forms of energy to power their internet infrastructure.
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