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How to leverage Social Media to drive web traffic on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was founded by American Express in 2010 to give small, locally owned companies a boost during the hustle and bustle of Black Friday. The campaign acquired major momentum in 2011, when the Senate voted a resolution in favor of the day unanimously. Small Business Saturday has developed into a nationwide phenomenon over the previous decade, with over $120 billion in spending estimated. In this article, we will show you how you can leverage Small Business Saturday social media to drive traffic to your business and boost sales!

Making sure that your social media is personal & interactive

When it comes to organic approach, it’s all about establishing your brand image, creating connections with your audience, and establishing your credibility. Your audience should feel comfortable like, commenting, and DMing you without being bombarded with sales pitches.

When your followers develop an attachment to you, they are more likely to interact with your material and make a purchase or commitment to your brand.

Relationships are critical to your social media strategy in this age of customers who prefer real information. Respond to comments and messages, and provide regular chances for followers to participate, such as freebies, polls, and showcasing followers in your postings.

According to social media experts, remaining true to social media’s beginnings – being social and connecting – helps you stay real and avoid overdone postings that repel followers.

Storytelling is important for small business

Another way to use Small Business Saturday social media is by utilizing storytelling. Storytelling communicates meaning, and businesses with purpose gain consumer attention and loyalty. Therefore, it is not sufficient to offer a product or service that answers a need; your business must also stand out.

The most successful firms have compelling and meaningful backstories that infuse their work with a sense of greater purpose and meaning, such as Google and Apple, which are more than businesses; they are brands created by visionaries who desired(ed) to alter the world. If your business has a vision that audiences can believe in and embrace, you will have a greater chance of success.

People prefer to do business with firms that they feel care, i.e. companies that are sympathetic. This was demonstrated in the 2015 Global Empathy Index, where the firms at the top were among the world’s most profitable and fastest expanding.

Additionally, the top 10 firms earned 50% more revenue and rose in value more than twice as fast as the bottom ten. Therefore, utilize narrative to demonstrate your company’s sympathetic character, since this is more likely to result in success.

People may now directly connect with companies via social media by asking questions and sharing their views and opinions as if the brand were a person. Tell a compelling narrative to demonstrate your company’s individuality and humanity – avoid being a faceless corporation with which people feel disconnected and uninspired to contact with and purchase from.

Edge Small Businesses have over Mega-corporations

Customers who are familiar with you and your staff are more inclined to support your business – provided your items and services satisfy their demands. Face-to-face interaction with your consumers gives your firm a marketing advantage that is becoming increasingly crucial as larger corporations continue to dominate the industry. Even if you are unable to know each customer personally, your workers, especially if they stay with your firm for an extended period of time, can continue up where you left off.

While meeting and greeting clients in person is a natural and necessary part of a brick-and-mortar business’s marketing plan, you can extend this personal aspect to your online presence as well. Social media platforms enable you to include your personality into your marketing. Additionally, utilize your website as a platform for sharing your narrative and introducing yourself to your consumers.

Small firms can take risks that would be too expensive for huge corporations. They can test new goods in limited markets with minimum cost, noting factors and impediments before deciding to build up a concept.

Indeed, major firms may disguise themselves as smaller enterprises when experimenting with new concepts, as Starbucks did when it launched an eco-friendly branch in Seattle under the name 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea. The relative obscurity of a lesser-known brand might be advantageous when attempting a hazardous endeavor, in part because it reduces the likelihood of bad exposure if the initiative fails.

Implications of a sale on small businesses

Offering discounts on purchases is an effective approach to attract customers to your shop. When you inform a consumer that he may save money, he is likely to pay attention. Discounts benefit not just your customers; they benefit your business as well. Discounts may help businesses succeed in a variety of ways, from higher sales to enhanced reputation.

Because consumers like to purchase items on sale, discounts serve as a means of attracting additional customers to your shop. If your deal is only valid for a certain number of days, make sure to indicate this when advertising the discounted products. Individuals are more inclined to hurry in and take a look around if they are aware they only have a few days. Because your business may see increased traffic during the discount time, you may need to book additional staff to ensure seamless service.

Greater traffic almost always results in increased sales — and not only on reduced products. Because the reductions attract more customers, you’ll have more prospective purchasers for other goods in your business, as most people will browse your inventory before making a purchase. For instance, if your clothing business offers a discount on all jeans, customers will come in for the price but may also purchase other clothing items or accessories, such as jackets, shirts, and belts.

In this article, we have illustrated briefly how a business can leverage Small Business Saturday social media to help stand out against the competition. At Fitzgerald Tech Solutions, we help you tune your social media presence into the exact vision you would like and showcase what makes your brand the best choice. Contact us today to get started!

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